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So, you’ve finally had it with the mundane, monotonous encounters that somehow seem to be unavoidable. You know, the ones that leave you questioning whether there really is such a thing as a “Mr. Right”. All you really want is a man who can attend to your needs, somebody to make you & your body feel good. A man who understands what it means to please, doing all the right things, touching all the right places. Just somebody who can give you what you want, the way you want it. Well, maybe you’ve been asking for a little too much, and fantasies are meant to remain just that. Maybe you should lower your standards & settle for a “Mr. Good Enough”.

OR, you could thank the gods you’ve found us. Take a scroll through our elite selection of exotic Melbourne male escorts. Madesco provides a catalogue of some of the yummiest, most attractive men the city has to offer, posing provocatively for your eyes only. In fact, we can guarantee that you will find a Madesco escort to satisfy your appetite. Whatever your palette desires, we promise to provide professional & passionate male escort ready & committed to pleasing you. The variety of straight, gay & bisexual male escorts is willing to quell the cravings of your body & attend to your deepest desires. Madesco escorts are experienced in the art of providing release for the body & mind through sexual interaction, with a profound comprehension of the significant level of discretion necessary to ensure the sustained satisfaction of our clientele.

Take a moment to imagine having a parade of sexy, strapping & irresistible model Melbourne escorts for you to make a selection. The male escorts of Melbourne definitely do pose some difficulty in deciding on your personal pick, but once you’ve made a decision you’ll be sure to receive all that you were expecting & even beyond. We have a reputable reputation amongst our corporate clientele, Madesco places infinite importance on customer satisfaction.

You are sure to be captivated by the amazing attractions of the city, from adventure parks & art galleries in Geelong, to the Melbourne Zoo in Brunswick. Take in the stunning city views over cocktails or take a stroll along the harbor in Docklands. Having an intriguing & handsome Madesco escort along will definitely enhance your enjoyment of these experiences. He understands the simplicity in the human need to feel understood & wanted, & if that happens to transcend to the steamy escapades of the bedroom, so be it.

With that said, give us a call at 1300558766. Our professional & friendly hotline agents are willing & able to answer any questions you may have & ready to guide you through our simple booking process. & our agents will see to it that booking is completed in a seamless & swift manner, with sincere secrecy & loyalty. Your Melbourne male escort will come to meet you once the process is completed & the rest, well that is between you & yours. Enjoy!