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SSL is important

For some businesses, words like “the best” in the marketing mix come so easy, yet there is little evidence provided to support their claim. Here, at Madesco Escorts, we believe in first delivering the best and then talking about it. We believe in commitment to our client’s satisfaction and in providing a secure and trustworthy service. We make our proclamations when we know they are supported by the facts.

Madesco Escorts does indeed provide the best security in the industry. The SSL compliant seal and the Green Bar SSL Lock Certificate are proof of this. The green address bar is a recognized security icon on the internet. The seal on the right bottom corner of every page certifies Madesco Escorts as secure and authentic. Madesco Escorts is a business you can trust.

What does a SSL compliant site has to offer?

Usually SSL is used to secure credit card transactions, data transfer and logins. Recently it is becoming the norm when securing browsing of social media sites. The certificate binds together the domain name and the organizational identity and location, so you will feel confident at any time that the business does what they state they do, is who they claim to be and won’t just disappear overnight.

SSL Certificates offer the highest possible levels of security for customers, we wouldn’t have settled for anything less. Security, trust and complete dedication to customer support. Only the best for our clients from the best in the industry!