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Coffs Harbour – Gorgeous beauty super sexy escorts

You can create your own little paradise here at Coff’s Harbour much like Madesco Escorts; there’s something for everyone. We exclusively promote passionate and professional models with bodies nothing short of impressive.

Classy, confident and some of the most elite in all of Australia, each of our escorts has the ability to attend to your needs with utmost dedication to your pleasure and satisfaction. Maybe you need company for your dreary business trips; someone with a talented enough touch to whisk away your worries, or possibly engaging and attentive company to simply inspire relaxation and release.

With a variety of sincerely seductive gay, straight and bisexual male and female models, you just might experience some difficulty making a final decision and we can help you with that. Our hotline agents at are always ready to assist you in making your reservation. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about additional services and fees.

Coffs Harbour - escorts