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Canberra Testimonials

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 I am a small business owner and often visit Canberra for professional reasons. Being divorced for about 10 years now, I have become a party man, enjoying what is there to be enjoyed. Having a wonderful lady as an escort to have dinner with me or just hang around in stylish bars or the casino, is part of what I call pleasure and for that reason I am a regular at Madesco Escorts, each time I step foot in Canberra. Those guys are fantastic, clean-cut deals, multiple services and gorgeous women waiting to satisfy my every need, whether I need a witty mind in a divine body to chat, dine and hang out or just an ethereal figure to please my eyesight and manhood and lighten my nights beneath the sheets. I got it all in Madesco. And the greatest part? I get 24/7 service AND discreet billing for me to claim it as a business expense!